"La Forge Saint Alman d'Anjou" 1760 bench


Length about 1 toise* (195 cm) or 5 feet in length (160 cm)
* 6, 4 feet

Double partially low nervure of feet and simple partially high nervure. One double intermediate foot.

Wood in mahogany stemming from the reasoned production.

The paint applied to the brush in 3 coats consists of linseed oilIt is environment-friendly known in the XVth century for its extraordinary longevity. It assures an optimal protection to the wood in most severe weather conditions.

Natural pigments allow to obtain all Ral's colors and the 13 famous “Vauban's colors”.

1760 Bench


The 1760 bench of La Forge Saint Alman d'AnjouThe iconography of XVIIIth Century is rather miserly with outdoor furniture models.

But fortunately, we have some beautiful examples of benches which decorated the domains of France's Great.

The model we have chosen was in the Duke's park of Penthièvre in 1760.

It exists in 2 sizes :

- 1 toise (6.4 feet length - about 195 cm),

5 feet (about 160 cm length),

But we can study all sizes you will wish.

banc 1760 de la Forge Saint Alman d'Anjou

It was important to find a particularly resistant tree species in the bad weather and light. It must be easy to move enough (lawn mowing, maintenance of paths, wintering, etc.).

We thus chose the mahogany, the wood of extreme conditions which the architects of navy know well: it likes water and doesn't weigh down ships..

We only buy wood coming from the reasoned production because we are worried of protecting forest world heritage.

The paint is applied by “brush” with 3 coats of linseed oil which traps the humidity and allows the wood to inhale.

All Ral's colors are proposed without valuable modification.

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Price & Delivery

This faithful replica costs 1 940, 00 € including tax, in the length of a toise, from our workshop in Anjou (and 1 760, 00 € in the 5 feet size).

Sizes Price List in Euros including tax
(Workshop Price List)

1 toise (6.4 feet)

1940, 00

5 feet (160 cm)

1760, 00


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