Brissac Bench


Variable sizes: from 2 metres to 2, 50 metres

Customizable on request
(for Example with initial, symbol, crown, etc.)

Delivered loan to be installed, raw or Schoop

Color of your choice

reated wood

Variable price according to customisation and number

Brissac Bench

The BRISSAC BenchThis bench is an original model realized at the request of the owner of Brissac's castle, Anjou's pearl and higher castle of France.

We conceived an elegant and strong bench in order to offer a stopping place to the many visitors in the beautiful park of the castle.

It is customizable on request. You can choose to reveal your initial, a symbol or a crown which will be cut from steel.

The bench is delivered loan to install (easy and fast assembly), raw or Schoop and painted with color of your choice.

Its width can vary from nearly 6 feet & 6 inches to 7 feet & 13 inches (2 metres to 2, 5 metres) with T3-treated wood.

The customised cut's price change with number of bench. You should contact us.

(*) : protection rustproof by zinc projection on steel.

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