Orange Tree Planters manufacturing

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Manufacturing boxes

We make all our creations in traditional workshop in France, in the Anjou region.

It’s a craft realization made according to the rules with all required care and time as La Forge's ancestral tradition. (more than 12 hours by box).

Boxes' structure is steel 3 mm thickness assembled by handSteel is preferably selected for its strength, lightness and impact resistance and also for its authenticity. It’s always a rival for wood and stone but it spans centuries.

Deep-treated northern-timber panels (High temperature treatment) are put together, stuck and painted in the workshop, or in acacia (option). Oak was not used because it is less adapted in an outdoor, wet environment. It’s a heavy wood which could be able to secrete harmful tannin for the plant.

Each panel is made up of 27 mm wood strips with the double chamfer “Barley grain” (but without common and anachronistic “tab”). They are strengthened with 2 flat hot-dip galvanized steel sheets which provide full strength and stiffness. A planed batten with “4 faces” comes to head the set.

They are obviously removable in order to sever the roots.

We entrust rust-proofing treatment with zinc projection (Schoop process) and painting works of steel elements to a specialist in projection metals.

The bottom of the box is made of hot galvanized sump with grids together with galvanized to guarantee an optimal drainage.