"La Forges Saint Alman d'Anjou" Orange Tree Planters


General dimensions:  
Usually 3 feet x 2,5 feet (80 cm x 120 cm)

Faithful reproduction of A.J. Roubo's sketches 
Famous joiner (respected proportions)

Locking of the removable wallsIdentical to the original

Many colors

roubo figure

“Roubo” box


roubo previewThe “Roubo” box with more sober drawing and maybe more austere, reproduces faithfully the famous joiner A.J. Roubo's sketches. 

It is usually proposed in 3 feet x 2,5 feet wide for 2 feet x 9 inches in height (80 cm wide for 120 cm in height). 

André-Jacob ROUBO is a French joiner and cabinetmaker, born and dead in Paris (1739/1791)He is the author of the famous “The art of the joiner”, reference book on the joiner in the XVIIIth century. 

Stemming from a family of renowned joiners, he becomes the pupil of Blondel architect.

He wrote a complete treaty on the joinery: The Art of the joiner, publised beteween 1769 and 1782.

Description ot Arts and Crafts AJ ROUBO - The joiner of GardensThe work counts more than 1 340 pages illustrated with 389 engraved plates by the Author. 

The Roubo” considers as the best treaty of traditional wood joinery. It shows and explains in detail the technical knowledges of joinery's job. Under Louis XV, the joinery was in its golden age.

We took back exact descriptive (text and illustrations) of a box with orange tree conceived by ROUBO, scrupulously respecting the proportions indicated by the Author. The removable locking walls are the same.

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Price & Delivery

Price List (included taxes) of Boxes with orange tree in € on April 7th 2014.

  60 x 81
(1,85' x 2",49)
 80 x 109
(3' x 2" 1/2)




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